irondales school system has been told it is part of a “crisis” and must take immediate action to address the issues, according to the National School Board (NSB).

The statement issued by the National Schools Boards Association says it was made at the meeting of the Board of Superintendents on Thursday night.

The NSB says the “unprecedented” increase in the number of students in the schools, including a rise in the age of some pupils, has created “urgent and urgent need for additional staffing”.

The statement also said the system must consider all options, including suspending or revoking the pupils’ status.

“This is a crisis situation,” the statement said.

“We have received numerous reports from our members of students being verbally abused and threatened by their parents and guardians and teachers.”

The statement says a number of issues, including bullying, have also been identified, including students who have been in trouble with the law and have been referred for police investigations.

It says the school is also struggling to deal with the rising numbers of children who have gone missing from the school and have not been accounted for.

The statement continues: “We have been told that the district has received reports of children being sexually assaulted and children being kidnapped.”

The NSBs statement also says the district’s chief superintendent, Paul Clements, has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

The district has apologised for the “troubling events” and is in contact with the National Parent Council.

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