Czech authorities are working on a solution to the country’s education problems.

The country has a population of 4.6 million and the country is divided into schools, universities, and primary schools.

The main difference between the schools is that the schools in the west have more space for students.

In the east, the primary schools are much smaller.

The government has created an app called “Education” which allows users to search for and find schools and other public and private schools in their country.

In some cases, it allows users also to search the Czech government’s websites.

For example, users can search for the Czech Federation of Secondary Schools and schools and see which schools are open in which cities.

The app allows users in the country to search through school directories and schools, find schools that are currently closed or are still in operation, and to view information on school closures, such as when a school was closed, when it was reopened, and when it is being reopened.

There is also a map that shows the locations of public and non-public schools in Czech Republic.

The app also allows users and teachers to share and review school and other information.

According to a recent report from the Czech Association for Education, the government has set aside about $300 million to help schools in education.

The funding will be used to help school buildings and classrooms with a wide range of needs including food and nutrition, equipment, supplies, and other supplies for teachers and students.