Posted July 10, 2018 09:38:23It’s the second year of a $15 million upgrade to the Gardening School Transport System.

The system, which includes a bus, taxi, carpool and cycle service, was established in 2005 and operates on a two-year schedule.

But, this year, the $1.5 million upgrade was delayed.

Now the new Gardening Transport System is fully operational, but the system is still a work in progress, said Mike O’Connor, Gardendale’s assistant superintendent of education.

Gardendale is one of the first in the province to have the Gardener’s Transport Service, which runs between the Gardenwood High School and the University of Victoria.

It’s one of just two Gardening schools in the country to have this service.

The Gardening Transportation Service also runs between Wabasha Elementary School in the city’s east and the Southland Secondary School in central Victoria.

O’Connor said the service has made a positive difference to students’ travel times and is part of a larger program to make the Gardens more accessible.

“The Gardener Transportation Service has made Gardendale a much more appealing place to go and has been instrumental in the development of the Gardiner Valley as an attractive place to live,” O’Connor said.GARDENER TRANSPORTATION SCHEDULEGARDER TRANSMISSION SCHEDULES1.

Gardendale High School, 7:30am-8:30pm: Bike hire, lunch, lunch break, gymnasium, homecoming and more2.

Wabashas Elementary School, 9am-6:30 pm: Gardener transportation service and homecoming3.

University of Wabagies, 11am-2:30 p.m.: Gardener shuttle service to University of Western Victoria, which is on a bus route from Wabags homecoming to the school.4.

West Valley High School at Lonsdale, 12:30-3:30 PM: Gardiner shuttle service and road closures5.

Southland High School for Excellence, 4-6 p., 1:30 to 3:30: Garder transportation service at Southland Road High School.6.

University District, 8-11 p. m.: Gardiner transportation service to the University District.7.

Southlands High School campus, 11:30 a.m.-3 p. p.: Gardner transportation service.8.

Victoria Park, 10 a. m.-5 p. am.: Gardner bus service to Victoria Park.9.

Gardiner campus, 12-2 p. pm.: Garder shuttle service at the University Campus.10.

Gardening High School bus service, 1-3 p:30 the Gardner Transportation Service, and 7-8 p. the South Valley High Schools Bus Service.GARFIELD COUNTY SCHOOLS PROGRAMSWEDNESDAY, JULY 9THThe City of Gardendale announced the Garderville Public School System’s budget in the spring of 2018.

The budget included $15.7 million for a two year Gardening Transit System to run in partnership with the University.GORDON COUNTY SCHOOL SYSTEMS PROGRAMNOVEMBER 30THIn a budget speech to the Council on Monday, Mayor Michael O’Halloran said the Gardellas Public Schools program is a success story.

It provides a safe and secure environment for our students to learn, and has the potential to be a model for the rest of our region,” he said.

The funding will be used to improve the Gardengates School Transport Program, which was introduced in 2015 and is currently operating on a one-year, three-month schedule.

This program has a high school level and a middle school level, which means that students from kindergarten through 12th grade can go to the high school, while students from grades 6 to 12 can go at the middle school.

This budget also included $5.5million to increase the Gardering Transport Program’s bus and taxi service to improve service for students and to improve safety in the area.

The City said the cost of this program was $5,000 for each of its bus and taxis each month.

The Mayor said the funding also covered the cost to the City for the Gardiners bus service that operates on the South Hills and the Gardining Transportation Service that operates between Wombats homecoming on a carpool route and the Wabagh School on a bicycle route.

The Council also approved the Garding Transportation Service’s purchase of a new Gardener Bus to be used by the Gardeners transit system.

The new bus, which will be purchased at the Gardners expense, will be a fully functional bus, with all the equipment and the services required for daily operations.OATONVILLE SCHOOLS NEW SCHOOLSBOROUGH, N.J. — The New Jersey State Department of Education has announced that