UC campuses across the country have reported that they’re in talks with schools to acquire school reporting technology to improve school safety.

The tech will be used to track students’ whereabouts, such as when they’re at home or on school grounds, and allow students to report problems to the authorities.

In the past, students have reported a number of incidents, including assaults, sexual assaults and vandalism.

“There is some urgency on the part of students and families for this technology,” said UC President Janet Napolitano.

“We believe it will provide a greater level of accountability, which will help our campuses provide a more safe environment.”

The tech would also allow schools to monitor student behavior in real time, as well as prevent students from using the Internet without their parents’ permission.

The UC system has been under a state of emergency since October after a deadly shooting at a fraternity party at a party hosted by members of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity.

The school system had previously said it was looking into acquiring school reporting software to better monitor student safety.