The madagascans school system has created a social justice curriculum for teachers, principals and administrators.

It’s part of a broader effort to better equip schools and teachers with the skills and knowledge they need to address systemic racism, discrimination and inequality in education.

The curriculum, created in response to a national debate over teacher accountability, includes topics like gender equality and the role of students and teachers in improving their communities.

The school system’s social justice approach is an example of how the system is trying to foster better relationships with teachers and principals in an era when the country is grappling with the national death toll from the deadly hurricanes.

Madagashas Education Minister, Donya Foa, said that the curriculum will teach lessons like empathy, trust and respect in the classroom.

“The education system in the United States has been losing ground in the education department over the last several years and in many other countries.

And so we wanted to create a curriculum to be a model of social justice and to teach social responsibility and accountability,” she said.

Foa said the curriculum is intended to help educators improve their relationships with students and to ensure they are providing effective support for students.

The Madagas curriculum will also teach students about race, gender, racism and inclusion, she said, noting that it will also help students better understand how their schools can create a positive climate and be successful.

“We hope that it becomes part of the daily teaching of our students,” Foa told The Verge.

Madago, the country’s third-largest city, has seen a rise in the number of students who have been affected by the storm.

A report released in March by the National School Boards Association found that of the 4,300 schools in the city, 1,300 are in danger of closing.

The city has also been hit by a rash of arson attacks, including a string of arson-related deaths.

In addition to the school curriculum, Foa has also launched a new initiative called the “Madagas Community of Responsibility.”

Foa is also trying to increase the number, level and type of activities students can participate in at school, which is a priority for the district.

She said she plans to build a “Madaga Campus” where students can go to social events and participate in classes.

“That will be an amazing platform for our students to engage in their communities and to learn about their history, and how we as Madagaks have shaped their history,” she told The Week.