A new report says the US education system is in deep trouble, with a majority of teachers being paid less than the average US citizen, and the quality of education suffers.

The report, by the Center for Education and Economic Policy (CEEP), says the current system is “unprecedented” and “worse than what most Americans experienced in the 1990s”, adding that the lack of transparency and accountability is putting the onus on the American public to make sure the system is working properly.

“The American public has the most basic right to know what is going on,” said Dr David P. Johnson, chair of CEEP and senior researcher at CEEP.

“If they can’t see the results, they should be concerned.”

We need a new national policy to restore transparency, accountability and accountability.””

I have been calling for reforms to the US public school system since 2009, and have been encouraged by the recent changes,” Johnson said.”

These reforms should not only increase accountability, but improve the quality and effectiveness of our education system.

“It is a basic and common-sense idea that our public school systems should be open to the public and not controlled by a handful of wealthy corporate leaders.”

The report says it is essential to re-shape the US educational system, with more public funding for teachers, more transparency around teacher salaries and accountability for districts and districts themselves.

The most popular recommendation is a new public-private partnership, with schools and districts providing “fair share” funding to their teachers.

It is recommended that states invest more in teacher training and apprenticeships and that districts “work with districts to identify and invest in the most promising and effective teachers”.

“We must not only re-energise public schools, but also ensure that we invest in their future,” Johnson added.

The new report comes on the heels of a report released by the Education Department earlier this year which suggested that the US is in the midst of an “unhealthy cycle of underfunding” that has caused a drop in teacher quality.

The Education Department report, released on Monday, said that the “disappointing trend” is that “a large majority of US public schools are failing to meet national benchmarks” and that the overall education system in America is “in deep trouble”.

The report recommended that the federal government provide $25bn in federal funding to states and districts in order to increase teacher salaries, improve teacher recruitment, and “improve school readiness” and increase student retention.