A professor who was dismissed from his post for using the term ‘best’ in a letter to students is back in the classroom with his students and teachers.

The former principal of a prestigious Houston public school is back at work and he has brought back his best friend, as well as a teacher from his former school who helped him prepare for his next assignment.

Hannah Sperling has been back at school after she was sacked last month after writing a letter that said ‘best schools’ are not the right words.

She wrote to students in the class about her experience in her former job and said ‘a good teacher is not a good teacher because she doesn’t know how to prepare students to do well in school.’

A teacher who is not good at her job is not going to be a good person to have as a colleague.’

You can see that that was my last day and I have to be honest with you, I feel bad.’

That’s why I wanted to get back at you.”

I want to be the best teacher that I can be’Sperling said she is grateful for the support of teachers, who she said have supported her through her struggles.’

I’ve always said I want to do what I can to make sure that I’m the best person that I could be.’

In my last year, I have learned a lot about what teachers can do, how to do it well, how do you keep things moving forward.’

We’ve all got to keep our eyes open for that.

‘I want my students to know that we can do it, we can be the teachers that we want to work for.’

And I’m just so grateful for my students, I love teaching, and I love them so much, I just want them to know the best that I’ve done for them.”

That is what I am doing now.”

The best school system in the world’Sterling, a retired educator, has been at the helm of the school district for two decades and has been an advocate for higher education in Houston.

She is a nationally recognized expert in the field of teacher development.

The Houston school district is now preparing for her departure and the community is being notified through social media.

Sperlin said the letters she wrote to her former students were not the type of letter she would normally write to students.’

When I wrote the letter I wrote it because I had a personal reason for doing so.’

But I’m writing to my students right now because I want them, the community, to know they can do this as well.’

She said the school board and the district are going to try to make it work.’

The school board, and the administration, are going all out to make this work, so that we have the best school in the country,’ she said.