August 21, 2018 05:47:19 The new year is here, and there are still plenty of new schools to choose from, as the Auckland Council prepares to publish its 2017-18 rankings.

New Zealand’s public school system is now rated out of 10 by The Auckland Council.

We have four public schools on our list and one in the top ten.

The highest ranked school in New England, St John’s in Boston, is the only other school to make the cut.

The three other schools in New York, St Mary’s in New Jersey and Trinity in Chicago were also voted top five.

The other schools on the list are all in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.

The list also includes two schools in South Australia.

One of those schools, St Patrick’s in the South Australian capital Adelaide, is ranked number six in the country.

The school was the top performing in the state for five years in a row.

Schools in Australia have a very different school system to New Zealand, but many of the best performing are in the states.

New Zealand is one of only two countries that has no schools that are rated by a national school standards organisation, the School Superintendents Council of Australia.

This means the Council has no way of determining whether the best school in a state or territory is a top performer, let alone a contender for the best student performance award.

Instead, the Council uses the ratings from other organisations.

When The New York Times asked why the Council had so few schools rated, a spokesperson told us: “The council is one such organisation, and has no jurisdiction to make such decisions.”

The spokesperson added: “We do not, however, recognise that the Council’s own top performers are the same as those of other councils and schools, because we have no evidence of their performance in any other school system.”

The Council’s annual rankings are published every year, with the latest on Friday.

If you want to see which schools in your area have the best score in New Land, we recommend looking at the table below.

Auckland council rankings 2017-2018 School Rating Rank Year Score 1 St Patrick, Auckland 3.1 2 St John, Wellington 3.0 3 St Marys, Wellington 2.8 4 St Mary, Christchurch 2.7 5 Trinity, Christoria 2.6 6 St Patrick in Christchurch, Christoroth 2.4 7 St Patrick & St Mary in Christorow 2.3 8 St Mary Mary in Auckland, Christophan 2.2 9 St Patrick school, Christopulau 2.1 10 St Patrick School, Nelson 2.0 11 St Patrick College, Nelson, Nelson-Bennett 2.06 12 St John College, Wellington, Christofa 2.03 13 Trinity College, New Plymouth 2.00 14 St Patrick Collegiate College, St Joseph 2.01 15 St Patrick University, Wellington-Taranaki 2.04 16 Trinity College College, Auckland 2.02 17 Trinity College Christchurch School, Christos 2.05 18 St Patrick Institute, Christodoula 2 and 3 2.07 19 St Patrick St, Auckland 1.8 20 St Patrick State College, Christo 2.11 21 Trinity College Central Auckland, Auckland, Wellington and Wellington-Wanganui 1.6 22 St Patrick High School, Otago 1.4 23 St Patrick Secondary School, Wellington 1.1 24 St Patrick and St Patrick Colleges, Christoula 1.5 25 St Patrick Seminary, Wellington 0.8 26 St Patrick Uni, Wellington (university) 0.9 27 St Patrick Upper College, Otaka 0.7 28 St Patrick Senior College, Canterbury 0.6 29 Trinity College East Auckland, Canterbury 1.3 30 St Patrick International College, East Auckland 0.5 31 St Patrick Primary School, Hamilton 0.4 32 Trinity College South Auckland, Hamilton 1.2 33 St Patrick New Zealand College, North Canterbury 0