A Denver school system has introduced a school kiosk to educate students and staff about the dangers of playing online games.

Key points:A teacher with the Denver Public Schools kiosk will be in charge of providing educational information about the kioskThe kiosk, called a GameStop, will be installed at the Denver International AirportThe Denver Public School System said the kiosks would be installed in the Denver area to educate about online gaming safetyKey pointsThe kiosks will have teachers and students participating in a hands-on video, and students will have a “game room” to play the gamesCommunity members will be able to interact with the kioske during the school dayThe kioski, which is being installed at Denver International International Airport, is designed to help educate students about online safety.

“We want our students to be able and confident in playing online and the fact that they’re not in the control of the game maker,” said Sarah Lohmann, a Denver Public Safety Department spokesperson.

“Our students have been playing games since they were toddlers, but today we’re talking about a whole generation of children who are playing games like League of Legends, Battlefield, Hearthstone, and Overwatch,” she said.

“I’m not saying that we should not have a game room where we have interactive learning with our kids.

But we have to be clear that our goal is to keep them safe.”

Students will be given a “Game Room” to watch the games as they play, and teachers will be involved in a video presentation about the risks of playing.

Ms Lohann said it would be possible for parents to watch their children in the “game rooms” at home, but parents had to provide the correct ID.

“Parents who are worried about their child playing online or not playing online should be concerned and we want to make sure that they are,” she added.

“If they are concerned and want to discuss it, we will be happy to discuss with them how we can do that.”

The kioskh is being built to educate school employees and students about the safety of playing games, and a teacher with experience in the field will be the “superintendent” for the system.

“The kiosking will be located in the same room as the classroom and teachers’ meeting room, which means the students will be at home in their classrooms and the teachers’ office,” Ms Lohman said.

The kiosker will be staffed by a school safety officer, and Ms Lohmann said the school system hoped it would encourage more students to play online.

“This is the next step in the educational revolution, so this is a critical step for our students and educators,” she explained.

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