A school system in Alberta has been told it cannot use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in the aftermath of the tragic shooting death on Tuesday of a teenage girl in a high school classroom.

A message from the district, which oversees more than 70 Holmdels schools, states the district will not allow social media for school employees, teachers or students until further notice.

“The Holmdel School District is committed to a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment that supports students, staff and administrators,” the message reads.

This means teachers, administrators, students, parents and students cannot share or discuss personal information, including names, addresses, phone numbers or other personal information.

“We also want to ensure that no one in our community is targeted by this incident, or any other such event, in any way,” the district’s statement reads.

The HolMDEL School District has also posted a notice on its website about how teachers, students and staff may use social networks.

It says the district is currently working with law enforcement to ensure the safety of the Holmdell community and to gather information on the incident.

The Holmdells school district is located in the Edmonton-Fort Saskatchewan area.

School board president John MacPherson said the district has been inundated with calls and emails from parents who want their children to be safe and healthy in the school.

MacPhersons message to parents included an update on the ongoing investigation into the shooting that occurred at Holmdalls Holmdelt Elementary School on Tuesday morning.

In an email, MacPhersons office said staff and parents are working with the police, Alberta Education and Skills Development Authority, Alberta Human Services and Edmonton police.