The California State Board of Education has announced plans to open the schools in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Bernardino in a week.

The state is expected to reopen schools at 10:00am local time on Saturday, April 13.

The district has been forced to close two schools due to the coronavirus, one in Santa Barbara, and one in Long Beach, due to lack of funding.

The schools will reopen on Monday, April 14.

The California Department of Public Health said on Thursday that it is looking into the outbreak.

The department said that the schools were not open due to coronaviruses.

“The schools will be open as normal, and the district will remain in close contact with state officials and the community as a precautionary measure,” the department said in a statement.

The school board said that it would close the schools for two days and reopen them at 6pm on Saturday.

The schools are expected to open with classes starting on Monday morning.