— Gardendale School System officials say they’ve discovered no evidence of a data breach involving the district’s data systems, and school systems across the country have reported similar incidents to the Federal Trade Commission.

“The Gardendale School District is confident in the cybersecurity of its information systems and has not detected a breach of any data stored at the district,” a statement from the district said Tuesday.

“Garden is a highly secure district and takes its cybersecurity seriously.

This is the first time we’ve heard about a data compromise at Gardener, and we are working closely with our state, federal and private sector partners to address the issue.”

The district said it has “been informed that an outside party has compromised the Gardendale data system.

The Gardendale district is working with the Department of Homeland Security and law enforcement to fully investigate this matter.”

Gardening School System Superintendent Dan T. McKean said in a statement Tuesday that the district is in “the midst of a security review” and that the Gardener Police Department is investigating the incident.

GARDEN, Arizes school district announced a data breaches investigation on Monday, which included the district having no evidence that data had been compromised.

The district also said it is “committed to the continued security of its systems and processes.”

On Monday, the Gardening School District said in an email to parents and students that the system was not breached and that it was cooperating with federal authorities.

On Tuesday, the district announced it was conducting a full internal investigation.