Monterey, CA (CNN) Monterey High School, a district that has been under fire for some of its school policies, has gone public.

Monterey County School District Superintendent David Rolfe announced the move Monday, saying he will announce the change on Wednesday.

He said it is “a significant milestone for the Monterey School System.”

He said he will also “open a formal website to educate the public about the changes.”

The district will continue to offer classes in the traditional, science-based format and continue to have special education classes for students who qualify.

“The Monterey school system continues to be in the spotlight,” Rolfee said in a statement.

“As the district, our school district officials, teachers, and students have become increasingly aware of the challenges of the district and its community, I felt it was important to do what was in the best interest of the Monterys students, teachers and community.”

A district spokesperson said that the decision to go public was driven by the need to be “more transparent with our students, parents, and community and provide a more accurate picture of our district’s needs and plans for the future.”

The announcement comes less than two months after the school district’s parent group was critical of the school’s policies and called for a change in leadership.

The group said that Monterey is in a “crisis” and that the district is “overwhelmed by overstaffing and underfunding” of its teachers.

In September, the Montesanos parent group called for the resignation of Superintendent Mark Meehan.

In the statement, they said, “This is the first time that we have heard the names of the current board members who will be running the district for the next few years.”

In the wake of the resignation, the group’s chairperson, Jim Bock, resigned from the board.

He is currently a staff member at the school board.