The Quincy school system is in the middle of a crisis and has been ordered to pay more than $1 million in unpaid bills, according to court documents.ABC News has obtained a copy of a lawsuit filed Monday against the Quincy school district and its board of trustees, alleging the district violated state law by failing to properly supervise staff and by failing in its efforts to implement changes to the district’s debt.

In an Aug. 25 court filing, the Quincy Public Schools Board of Trustees alleges the district owes $1,938,946 in unpaid principal, interest and penalties for past and future unpaid bills and a total of $2,637,828 in future and past outstanding principal, principal and interest payments.

The court filing also alleges the school district failed to notify students and parents that they had been issued letters from the state requiring them to pay their outstanding bills.

According to the lawsuit, in May, the state ordered the Quincy district to repay more than 1,300 overdue principal, payment and interest checks for students and their parents, and to pay $2.3 million to cover legal fees incurred by the state.

The state said in a separate lawsuit that it was also owed $1.1 million to help cover legal costs for the state to defend against the lawsuit.

“The state owes a total amount of $1M in overdue principal and $2M in interest and other liabilities related to the outstanding student debt,” the court filing said.

“We believe the debt owed to students is not the responsibility of the Quincy public school system.

In the interest of justice, we seek restitution for the school system’s debts and all the unpaid principal and other related fees, interest, penalties and costs, as well as for any other damages suffered by students.”

In a statement released to ABC News, the district said it is “committed to addressing the issues raised in the lawsuit.”

“We are taking all available steps to address the issues that were raised in this case, and we will continue to do so,” the statement said.

The school district is also suing a state court in Quincy, Illinois, for unpaid state taxes.

The Quincy Public School Board of Education and its trustee, former Mayor Michael Bouchard, are suing the state of Illinois, and the state’s attorney general’s office for the lawsuit filed in November, alleging that the Quincy schools failed to provide tax refunds and withheld millions in taxes from the district.ABC’s Mike Stobe contributed to this report.