The best infrastructure in the world?

That’s a question that many people are asking as they look to choose the next school system to build their own, and one of the top choices may be the Illinois Public School System.

Illinois Public School system’s new building, which is designed by the architects of a renowned school, was designed to support the high school students of the Illinois Department of Transportation, and to be a beautiful example of sustainability.

“Illinois public schools are one of a kind, and they have built a remarkable legacy,” said Jeffery M. Johnson, executive director of the American Council on Education.

“This building was designed for high school teachers, to provide them with the opportunity to be involved in the design of their school, and it will allow them to see that vision as well as have a beautiful building that has a long life in the future.”

This building will also allow for a new school to be built on the site of the old school.

The new school will be located near the intersection of the Green Line, which was built between the old and new campuses, and is currently undergoing renovations.

The Green Line will open in 2019.

The new building will be constructed on the property of the school, with the school district paying for all the costs of the building.

The building will serve as a new classroom, and will include a school locker room, classrooms, and a cafeteria.

This new building is designed to house over 50,000 students in grades 9 through 12, and was originally constructed in 2014.

The building is located in the southern portion of the city of Urbana-Champaign, and currently houses about 1,200 students.

The school has a total of over 300 teachers, including over 60 from the Illinois Teachers College, the university that will take over teaching duties after the school is closed.

The school was originally built as a public high school in the 1920s, but has had to be closed due to the building being in poor condition.

It was closed in 2011 when the state closed schools due to a pandemic.

The state closed the school due to severe financial pressures.

The current campus of the system is designed in the 1950s and is located on the western side of the Chicago River, at the southern end of the county.

The plan for the new building was announced by the Illinois state government in 2014, with Johnson confirming that the building would be built in a modern and environmentally-friendly design.

“The plan was always to be as green as possible,” Johnson said.

“And now we’re at that stage of time when it is important to be environmentally-responsible.”

The building will have a courtyard for students to walk around in, and the school will have facilities to allow students to work in.

Johnson said that the new school’s facility will be equipped with a large-screen projector for students, as well.

He also said that there will be solar panels that will provide energy for the school and the surrounding community.

The architects of the new structure were commissioned by the Department of Education, and were responsible for the design.

The architects said that their design was influenced by the design work of the architect for the Chicago Fire Department, Richard S. Zorn.

The design for the building is being done by the architecture firm of Gensler, with an architectural firm from Genslers Chicago office, and Genslin & Flemming, with a team of architects.

Johnson has said that this project will allow for “new generations of designers and engineers to build a building that is both beautiful and sustainable.”

Illinois is one of three states to have a dedicated school.

Another two states are Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Illinois also has a system of three separate school systems, which are located on different campuses.

The Chicago Public Schools system is home to more than 7,000 high schoolers.