An Australian politician has won the first Indigenous electorate seat in the state’s first ever election.

Key points:Peter Manley, the son of an Indigenous leader, beat back Labor’s Nick Manley in the seat of Gisborne in Queensland state’s electionThe Manleys first win in the country came in the 1990sPeter Manleys youngest daughter, Mary, is the Liberal candidate for the seat, and he won by a wide margin over Labor’s Anne-Marie WatersThe seat of Port Hedland is the only seat that will have to be contested at a state or federal level for the country to change its electoral system.

Peter Manly is the son and grandson of Indigenous leader and former Labor MP Peter Manley.

He won the seat by a comfortable margin of 52.8 per cent to 43.5 per cent, defeating Labor’s former Indigenous minister, Nick Manly, who was running for the Labor Party in the electorate.

He will be the first Indian to be elected to Parliament in Australia, and the first Australian Indigenous person to be a member of the National Council of Australian Governments.

He was also the first Aboriginal person to hold elected office in Queensland, having been appointed to the seat as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Minister in 2005.

He previously served as the Minister for the Northern Territory, Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory.

He also served as Minister for Aboriginal and Northern Territory Affairs, and is a member the Australian Council of Civil Liberties.

He has a history of advocacy on behalf of indigenous Australians.

He had been a member and adviser to the Aboriginal Legal Service (ALAS), a legal service based in Sydney, and was the chair of the Northern Aboriginal and Indigenous Legal Services Board from 2014 to 2019.

Peter also served on the Indigenous Legal and Legal Education (ILLEC) Taskforce, which was set up in 2015 by former prime minister Tony Abbott.

The seat has been held by Labor for two terms, since 2005.

Peter was appointed to parliament in 2015 and won the position in November, 2017.

He is also a member, adviser and adviser of the Indigenous Law Reform Alliance (ILRA), a non-partisan advocacy group, and has also served in the Queensland Parliament.

Labor candidate for Port Hedlands, Anne-Mary Waters, celebrates with Peter Manly after he won the election in Port Hedlanders seat of Brisbane, Queensland, November, 18, 2017.(ABC News: Luke MacGregor)Peter has been described as “the leader of a community” and “a visionary leader”.

He was the leader of the Port Hedlander People’s Council from 2007 to 2016 and is an Indigenous and former member of parliament.

He first contested the seat for Labor in 2007, winning the seat.

Labor has a seat in Port Moracao, which is in the Western Australian state of South Australia.

The Queensland election results have not yet been announced.