As the U.S. school-to-prison pipeline ages, there’s been a big push to find new ways to cut down on overcrowding and make schools more welcoming for students.

But many of the innovations have come at the expense of safety.

The new report from the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) finds that at least three of the top 10 states for the number of students in state-run schools are home to more students than they should.

The report notes that in states like Texas, Florida, and New Jersey, there is an almost threefold increase in the number on the waiting list for state-funded schooling.

Here’s how that compares with the rest of the country: In the U, the number is down from 18 states in 2015 to just four.

In the top five states for students on the waitlist are Alaska, Texas, Missouri, and Wyoming.

California has one of the lowest wait times for students, but the CRP report finds that it has the second-lowest enrollment rate.

Texas, with a large number of rural communities, is in the bottom half of the nation for students enrolled in state schools.

It’s ranked No. 10 for the percentage of students enrolled statewide.

The CRP also found that Texas is home to a disproportionate number of incarcerated students, with nearly six of every 10 students in Texas incarcerated.

At least five of the states with the largest percentage of inmates in state school systems have the highest wait times.

New York, which ranks at the bottom for waiting times, has the largest incarceration rate, at more than 10 percent.

And while Connecticut and Maryland have the lowest incarceration rate overall, they are the top two states for state school-aged children.

Here are the states in which the most students in the state-supported system are enrolled: Texas: 2,977,823 New York: 2.8 million Missouri: 2 million Florida: 2% Connecticut: 1.8 Million Wisconsin: 923,000 Georgia: 921,000 Pennsylvania: 632,000 Washington: 539,000 The CRPP report found that the average wait time for students in these states is nearly nine years, and the most incarcerated students are in New York and Florida.

The median wait time in the U to enroll in a public school is five years.

New Jersey ranks second with the average waiting time for a student to attend public schools, at two years.

The lowest wait time is in New Hampshire, where a median wait is just one year.

Texas has the highest median wait in the nation, at 2.9 years.

Meanwhile, the median wait for students attending state-based school systems is 3.7 years.