The most prominent and visible Mormon schools in Utah have seen significant increases in enrollment over the past year, as the Church continues to expand its missionary effort.

The largest, Brigham Young University, saw a 35 percent jump in enrollment, according to data from the Utah Department of Education.

That followed a 9 percent increase in enrollment in 2016.

The school has also seen a large increase in students with Mormon religious affiliation, according a report from the Deseret News.

In fact, the LDS Church’s U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops recently announced that the school is the only institution in the United States that has been ranked among the top 50 schools in the world by the U.N. religious education agency.

The trend has been driven by new programs that have encouraged students to learn in the Mormon faith, according the Des Moines Register.

The new classes are called “Mormon in America” and “Mormons at BYU.”

While it’s still too soon to say if the increased enrollment at the school will translate into an increase in Mormon baptisms, the increased interest in the faith is encouraging, said Mark Johnson, president of the Utah Conference of the United Methodist Church.

While Mormons may be a minority of the U