FOX SPORTS has confirmed that a new school rating code has been developed for schools in the US.

In the code, which will be used in September 2018, schools will be required to use the new code to assess their performance on a range of measures including attendance, attendance in school and attendance per pupil.

In addition, all schools that meet the new standards will be able to use a new ‘performance rating’ system to calculate the average of students’ performance on all of these measures.

There will be no changes to the current system which currently measures school performance and grades by the number of pupils enrolled in schools.

“The performance rating system will ensure schools have a better understanding of their students’ achievement and help them identify areas where improvements are needed,” a spokeswoman said.

The new system will apply to all Australian schools, regardless of the type of education they provide, she added.

What is the new school ratings code?

The code will be made compulsory for all Australian school boards, and will be introduced in September.

“This will enable boards to better assess their students performance and help identify areas of improvement, particularly in the areas of attendance, in school attendance, school performance, and attendance in grades,” the spokeswoman said in a statement.

The new code will also be used to assess schools performance, which is now measured by the attendance in schools per pupil figure, and by the average attendance in the schools for the last 12 months.

What happens if schools fail to meet the code?

Schools will be penalised if their attendance in each school fails to meet a standard, including failing to meet attendance in every school for the first year and failing to do so for the next 12 months in the first two years of the code.

“If a school fails the performance rating, they will be subject to sanctions such as failing to hold a grade A or A-level certificate, failing to have a seat on the school’s standing committee, failing a school qualification or failing to register with the school.”

What will happen if a school passes the new system?

A school failing the new performance rating will not have to pass the new codes, and there will be a one-off payment of $500 to the school that failed to meet standards. 

The new rating system is a result of recommendations from the Australian National Audit Office and is intended to improve accountability and transparency in schools and increase student achievement.

“Australia’s school rating systems are the most effective and efficient in the world, and we’ve seen some great progress in recent years,” the Department of Education said in the statement.

“This new code brings together the best of what Australian education is all about, and is designed to provide better and more transparent information for schools and parents.”