The Qatar-based school system is an attempt to integrate Qatari children with western culture in the Middle East.

But the Qatari government has been criticized for not offering enough school meals and has not done enough to train teachers.

Here are 5 tips to help you create your own school system.1.

Have the school name and logo removed.2.

Add a logo or nameplate for the school.3.

Change the name to something less familiar.4.

Make sure the logo is at least 1/2 inch tall.5.

If you have to use the same logo on multiple schools, make sure it is smaller.1: Have the name removed and change the logo.

The logo has become the go-to symbol for Qatar’s schools, which are seen as one of the country’s most innovative.2: Change the logo if you have more than one school.

A logo that looks similar to a restaurant’s logo is often seen on schools in the US and Europe.3: Add a nameplate to the logo, preferably one that looks like a restaurant logo.

For example, the logo for the Qadafi Institute of Science in the UAE looks like the logo of a restaurant.4: Add the name of your new school and add the nameplate.

It’s a good idea to use a new logo.5: Create a logo for your new system, either a font or a design.