Portuguese students are being taught that “a man is worth more than a woman” and “a woman is worth less than a man,” according to a new book by a Portuguese university.

The book, “Das deuje novus, das svenska della voce da Libera” (We Cannot, Yet, Give Up, the Lessons of Our Past), was published in the Portuguese language and in English in August.

The new book, which was translated into Portuguese, teaches a “lesson” on equality, equality before the law, respect for human dignity, respect of the law and “respect for life.”

“Our students should be encouraged to question and examine what is considered normal and how that is different in other countries,” professor Eduardo Ferreira de Oliveira, the director of the University of Porto, said in a statement.

“It’s a matter of life and death, because a woman is a mother, and a man is a father.”

According to the book, Portugal’s “diversity” and its “equalism” is a “problem” for the country.

The lesson, “La verde que se ha estatá a ser, a cada esta vez que me de todos os vida,” (No one deserves a child if they are a man or a woman), is a message for “young men and young women” that “the world is full of differences, but it is the right thing to do to be equal,” the book reads.

The teaching of the “lessons of our past” will continue to be taught at the university and its partners, the Portuguese National Institute of Education, the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Academia de Cultura de Portugal and the Universidade Nova de São Paulo.