The Dutch education system has been hit by a crippling cash crunch.

While the government has pledged $500 million in extra funding to support the struggling system, the Netherlands is struggling to cope.

In the past year, its government has taken $1.1 billion in new funding.

Some Dutch schools are struggling to provide quality learning materials, and the country’s teachers union says that’s causing a backlog in classrooms.

As a result, parents are increasingly turning to online classes.

But there’s a catch: it’s not easy.

A new book on the Dutch education, published by the University of Sussex, aims to help parents find an online course that works for them.

The book, titled The Netherlands: A New Generation, is a detailed look at the Dutch system, from its origins in the late 1800s, through to its current state.

In this case, the book is written from the perspective of the Netherlands’ parents.

And while the book covers the past few years, it’s a very comprehensive look at how the system has changed in the past decade.

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