A Palestinian school in East Jerusalem has won the prestigious prestigious World Book Award. 

The award was presented to the school, Hamer Hamer, for the third time.

The school has been awarded the prestigious title “the best school in Palestine”.

Hamer Hameed is a kindergarten, primary, and middle school, located in the Old City of Jerusalem, which is known as the Old Temple and the Old Port.

The school has served a community of around 1,200 children since its founding in 2013.

Hamer and her husband, Mohammad, have been teachers at the school for a number of years.

Hamer said that her husband had been a teacher at Hamer’s school in Hadera before her retirement in 2015.

“My husband was a teacher in Hamera and we have always had a good relationship with him,” Hamer told Al Jazeera.

“He taught me the basics and taught me about the history of the city of Haderas.”

The school also provides a good environment for young Palestinian children, and offers lessons for both male and female students. 

“We had a lot of success in our class,” said Hamer.

“We were able to do well in our classes, which were always good and positive.

We also had lots of students who were interested in studying in the Palestinian education system.”

The Hamer family’s children were also enrolled in a local primary school.

“We have many young children, but they were very interested in learning and studying in Palestine,” said Micky Amjad, the head teacher at the Hamer-Hameed school.

“Hamer is very important to our school, and the children love it.”

Hamer told The Jerusalem Report that the award was an achievement for the school.

The award is presented annually to a Palestinian school to recognise its achievement in teaching and education.

It is one of several recognitions awarded annually to Palestinian institutions by the UN and the World Jewish Congress.

“The prize is the highest honour given by the World Zionist Organization (WZO) to the educational system of Palestine,” the WZO wrote on its website.

The WZOP, which coordinates the education sector in the West Bank and Gaza, is also known as Palestine Education.

“Hamer and the Hader family are a symbol of our school’s efforts in providing the best education in the occupied territories, which has helped to build our community,” it added.

Haming said that the family had also received praise from the head of the Palestinian Education Committee, Jamal Shloul, who said that “Hamees achievement shows the strength of the education system in Palestine.”

“Hame is a very good teacher and he is a good man,” said Shloual, who also attended the ceremony.

“His efforts and the dedication of the Hamees are very important for the education of our children.”