A new ranking of the nation’s schools by the Carnegie Classification of Educational Institutions, released Monday, ranks the country’s 14 largest public school systems based on student performance and financial aid.

Columbia is the top school system in the country and ranked second to Alberta in terms of academic performance.

The province’s schools have been ranked among the top four in Canada since 2011.

According to the new ranking, Columbias schools are among the nation s top for students who are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch and have strong academic achievement.

The rankings were based on data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP, a federally funded testing program administered by the Department of Education.

The rankings are based on a mix of the NAEP testing scores and financial assistance for students from low-income families.

The Carnegie Classification Institute is the nations largest research and evaluation organization, according to its website.

The ranking was released as the Canadian School Boards Association (CSBA) called for schools to “reconsider” their approach to accountability after a recent report by the National Audit Office concluded that school boards had failed to provide adequate financial aid to students who needed it most.

In an email to CBC News, the CSBA said the report “demonstrated that the federal government and provinces failed to adequately fund schools, and it is not only failing to fund the schools they have, but also in many cases has refused to provide any support to the schools that need it most.”

The CSBA called on the government to “consider how it will ensure that schools are adequately funded to ensure that all students receive the quality education they deserve, and that students are provided with the support and resources they need.”

“While this is not an easy task, we believe the government must do more to ensure a safe and stable future for all our children,” the email said.

“In 2018, a record number of students and families were removed from the program and the government was forced to re-implement the program as a result.

The CSBA is calling on the federal and provincial governments to continue to provide support for schools that are not delivering to the needs of their students.”

According to a spokesperson for the Department and Finance, a number of factors led to the change in methodology used in the 2018 ranking.

“It was the first year of the implementation of the accountability and financial support measures in 2018,” the spokesperson said.

“These measures include: a national assessment, which is based on the results of the most recent NAEP assessments, which included a review of the performance of schools in the most challenging provinces.

It also includes a review and analysis of the funding provided to schools and the funding of staff in schools.”

The spokesperson added that “the assessment did not include a review or analysis of any funding provided by provinces or territories to schools, other than in the form of grants and subsidies.”CBC News reached out to the Department for a comment but has not received a response.