The Decatur school board is planning to keep some students from visiting Melbourne for the first time since a year ago, despite concerns about the state’s health and safety.

The board will also set up an extra school at the city’s eastern outskirts, where the decamut school has been operating since 2011, to cater for the influx of students and staff, including the teachers.

A spokesperson for the board said there was a lot of concern among parents about decatur’s health status and that it would be prudent to set up a school somewhere else.

“The plan to be announced at the start of the school year is that we will put in place a school on the outskirts of the city that we would like to offer to the community,” the spokesperson said.

The school board said it had taken steps to address the health issues raised by community members and staff and to ensure decatur remained safe and sound.

It also announced that it had contracted a medical firm to help manage decatur health and safe staffing, including nurses and social workers, in the event of an emergency.

“We have been working with a medical specialist to assist us in ensuring our decatur community is safe, healthy and supported during the upcoming school year,” the statement said.

“A number of community members have contacted us to say that they are very concerned about their wellbeing, and that they will not be able to visit their children in Decatur.”

The school district’s new plan to allow students from the Melbourne region to visit the school in Adelaide comes just over a week after students from Sydney’s CBD attended the school.

The Sydney schools board said the school district would be open from 1 April to 31 July and it would also offer extra facilities such as playgrounds and sports facilities.

The NSW Education Department is investigating the school’s operations after a report by the school board.