The government of India has announced that its biometric identification system, Aadhaar, will be available to all primary and secondary schools across the country.

The announcement is in response to a petition filed by the All India Federation of Secondary Education Students (AIFES).

According to the AIFES, in order to get access to the Aadhaar biometric card, students will have to show their fingerprints and photograph.

Biometrics will be made compulsory for all students, with an emphasis on children, in all primary schools, from primary to secondary level, starting from March 1.

The Aadhaar biometria will be compulsory for students in all schools, beginning from March 31.

As per the government’s announcement, all students are required to have their Aadhaar number, their name and the address of their home or place of work.

Students will also be required to provide a photograph for their Aadhaar card and their fingerprints.

The biometric biometric systems of India are being rolled out to all schools in the country, including those run by the government.

India’s new National Biometric Identity Card, which will be used for the biometric authentication of ID cards, is expected to be operational by March 31, 2020.

This is a big step in the right direction for India’s biometric education and security efforts.