Mashpee, Montana (AP) The University at Mashpee is on the verge of becoming the only Canadian university in the U.S. to rank in the upper 20 percent in its athletic program.

The university is the first U.F.C.A. school in the country to earn the honor and it was recognized Tuesday by the American Institute of Physics.

The honor was awarded to Mashpee for its “leadership in a number of important areas, including the development of interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary-related research, as well as its efforts to enhance student learning, prepare students for life after college, and promote the pursuit of excellence.”

The U.K. school is ranked the best in the nation by U.B.A., the governing body of the American Physical Society, and in the first quarter of this year, it was the highest-ranked American university in its major.

Mashpee was the first college in the world to be named the best high school in North America in 2012.

It’s ranked second in the state of Montana.