The Chinese government is set to overhaul its education system to improve its standards and make it more competitive with the world’s best, according to a report by a research group.

The Chinese government, however, will not start from scratch, and will rely on the expertise of experts in education, said the study by China Institute of Education Research, a state-run think tank.

It is also set to use its own experts to oversee all aspects of education, including textbooks, and its own expertise in teaching mathematics and science, said Wang Guofei, the study’s co-author.

The report said the Chinese government has a very limited budget for education, and it is trying to address this by establishing more than 200 “china-wide” centers of excellence in different areas of education.

Wang said that, as the report said, the Chinese authorities will not just start from the bottom up, but will also invest in all areas of learning to make education more efficient and cost-effective.

In the near future, they will focus on basic education, Wang said.

The report also said that the Chinese Communist Party will begin to reform its school system in line with the recommendations of the 2020 People’s Charter, which was issued by the Communist Party in July 2020.