NEW YORK — Students and parents of children in Prague will soon be able to get the school guidance that their children need to succeed in their schools, a new system has been announced by the Czech government.

The system, dubbed the Prague System, will begin rolling out nationwide on Monday and will allow parents and students to opt out of the system’s compulsory system.

Parents of students enrolled in a school will also be able choose to opt in for the system, but there will be no compulsory opt-out.

It will only be available for students in certain educational institutions.

The system will be rolled out across all schools.

The Prague System will be implemented by local and national authorities as well as the central government, the government said.

“The system will give students the option to take a step away from the compulsory system, to leave the system altogether and to take up another option,” said Deputy Minister of Education, Health and Social Security Andrej Tkaczko.

“This option is in line with the educational requirements, the curriculum, the needs of the students, the expectations of the parents,” TkACZKO told reporters at a news conference.

He said students and parents could also choose to stay in the system by choosing a different school, a different curriculum or by using a different transportation option.

Students will be able opt out by choosing from the list of recommended schools, which includes schools from schools from outside the country, as well local and regional schools.

The system includes a new way of organizing the system called the Prague Parent Group, which allows parents to share the decision making process with each other.

Parents will be given a list of the schools their children attend and how many days each school will be in the school calendar.

Parents can also share the information with a designated contact from the school system.

The parents of students will have the option of signing up for the Prague School Parent Group and participating in the selection process.

TkACKOSO said that the system will also include a new process for teachers to inform parents of the changes to the system.

Teachers will be informed via a daily email on the status of the implementation of the Prague-based system.

He said the teachers will also receive a daily report on the progress of the program.

For parents of school-age children, TkACCZKO said that they will have to inform their child’s school of the change in the information in the monthly notification on the Czech website.

Parents will also have the opportunity to get a copy of the monthly update on the program through a special online portal that is operated by the government.

The portal will provide parents with the information regarding the new system, the monthly budget, the timetable of the school, the number of days the school is in the calendar and the list on which the school will remain.

Parents will have 24 hours to request to change their children’s school and to do so, TKACCZOVO said.

The new system is the result of a joint effort by the Ministry of Education and Health and the Ministry for Higher Education.

It is being implemented as part of the National System of Education.