The Indian School System is a failure.

Not only is the education system not an example for success, it is also not a success story.

In fact, the Indian School Board, the primary governing body of the Indian Education System (IES), has been criticised for “abusing” and “trying to manipulate” students by failing to produce “results”.

The school system has been accused of failing to meet the quality standards and “not respecting the rights of the students”.

These are some of the allegations made by an Indian parent in a scathing report by the National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (NCSC).

“We are trying to find out what has happened in the school system,” said Arjun Sharma, the son of a student in one of the schools that was criticised by the NCSC.

“We want to know why there is not a child who has reached the age of 16.

We want to see if our child is being educated.

The way the schools are being run, they should be run for the students, not for the parents.”

Sharma, who is a member of the national parent association, said the IES is “not a success” for the children of the state.

“In our state, there are more than 3,000 schools and they are not all open to the students.

Many of them are not open to all families.

It is difficult to get children into the school.

It can be difficult for parents to get the children into school.

The schools are not doing a good job,” he said.

Sharma said that many children in the schools “are not ready for school”.

“There is a sense of fear in the children.

The teachers say they are afraid for their lives, their lives are not safe in the public schools,” he added.

“The teachers tell us the children are scared and have to get out of school,” he told The Hindu.

“What we are doing is we are asking for a change in the education.

We are trying not to have children stay in school.

There are so many schools that are closed to the children and the teachers are not willing to help them.”

In response to the NCSE report, the school board said the NCSL has submitted its report to the State Board and that “we will take action against those who are doing any kind of malpractices or unfair practices”.

The report states that the IAS has been “tampering” with the quality of schools, failing to comply with the NCPS standards and is “lacking in education” and the “inadequate” support of teachers and administrators.

The report also alleges that the school is “in a poor state of governance”.

In response, the NCSSC has launched an investigation into the NCS and its “disregard of the rights and welfare of the child”.

The NCSSD is also investigating.

“This has been a major issue in the state,” Sharma said.

“When a child is missing from school, we feel helpless, we are helpless.

When we lose a child, it affects our whole family.

It affects us psychologically and psychologically.”

Sharma said he had been “furious” and asked the NCSPC to investigate the IIS.

“My son is going to school and he will not go back to school,” Sharma added.

NCSSI chairman Subramanian Swamy said that the NCSRF (National Commission for Status of Women) is investigating the matter and that the Indian Board of Secondary Education (IBSE) is also “investigating”.

The investigation will look into whether the IBSE “is acting in a proper manner”.

“We have submitted our report to all states,” Swamy told The Indian Express.

“There are reports from different states and the inquiry is on.

The inquiry is going on.

We will have to respond to the report.

If the NCSB wants to submit its report, they can do that.

We have submitted the report and the NCSH [NCSC] will submit their report.

We can respond to both of them.”

He added that the report has been submitted “to all states”.

“It is a big issue.

We feel helpless.

We don’t have the power.

We do not have the legal power.

This is an issue that has been going on for a long time,” he explained.

“I will tell you that the parents have been telling us for years about the quality issue.

It has been an issue for a very long time.”

The NCSSC also released a statement condemning the NCSDC report and calling for a complete inquiry into the matter.

“All these issues are being looked at by the Commission, which is in a state of chaos.

There is no proper system in the NC school system.

It needs to be investigated,” the statement said.

The NCSC also said it will “conduct a full inquiry” into the “disproportionate” and