With more than 100 students at the school in Pinellas County, Florida, one of the biggest changes is the need for a sound system.

It’s the school’s new homecoming season.

Martinsville Schools Superintendent John DeWitt, a Democrat, is on a mission to bring back a school that’s been closed for nearly two decades.

His goal is to bring the students back to their classrooms and help them find new opportunities and new friends.

“I’m going to bring them to a place where they feel like they can get the best of both worlds, which is a school environment that gives them the opportunity to learn with a teacher, a teacher that has the ability to interact with them in a way that they can understand them and feel comfortable and feel safe,” DeWett said.

The school district recently installed a sound-system system.

The new system features a small projector that sits on a wall next to a classroom that sits in a small, private area, like a small studio apartment.

The sound system is set to begin this coming school year.

It’s an ambitious project, with the school district spending more than $30,000 on the system.

“We had an opportunity to put in place the sound system last year and we couldn’t do it,” said DeWatt.

“We wanted to go back to the drawing board and make sure we had a sound solution, a sound platform that could accommodate the sound of the new technology.”

Students will be able to hear the sound from a distance of about a half-mile.

It also includes two speaker systems that sit on either side of the school.

Students will also be able access the school on a virtual reality system, so they can experience what the school is like with the technology.

“I feel like I can be in my classroom and I’m able to see the classroom, and I can feel the classroom in a different way,” said student Marlon Harris.

The new sound system will allow the students to hear what is going on in the school more clearly and in a more comfortable way.

The students are excited about the new sound platform.

“I feel very proud of my classmates,” said Harris.

“It feels like I’m in the right place.”

The sound system also allows the students the opportunity for a more creative classroom environment.

They’ll be able see the artwork on the walls and see the students interact with the art.

Students will also enjoy a more social atmosphere.

“The new space is very social,” said junior student Jessica DeJonge.

“So, it will be really fun to see how the students feel in the space.

It’ll be exciting to see.”

The district says the new sounds system will be the perfect way for students to experience the school without the distraction of their own classroom.

“With the sound platform, we’re going to be able give students the chance to really see themselves in a very personal way, where they can really see what the classroom is like and be able feel like that is their space,” said John De Witt.

“That’s the goal.

That’s what the system is designed for.”

It’s a big project for the district, with many students saying they don’t want to leave their classroom to the sound systems.

The school’s first year of use is set for May 2019.